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Environmental Statement

Texas Foam will strive to reduce the resources required in our processes. Texas Foam will only provide products to our customers that are environmentally correct for the intended use or application.


It is a fact that Expanded Polystyrene uses an optimum mix of energy, including natural gas, water and electricity.

Continued Responsibility

EPS Foam is our main business. We are a proud member of the EPS Industry Alliance (formerly the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers). Texas Foam works diligently to reduce wastes at all levels of production, recycle waste whenever possible, and assist our customers with their own efforts in this regard.

In 2010 37.1 million pounds of EPS was recycled. Even though manufacturing volume, and everything else, was down, the amount of EPS recovered and recycled continued to increase over 2006 and 2008. View the 2010 EPS Recycling Rate Report.

More information about recycling of EPS can be found at www.epspackaging.org

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