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Food Service Packaging Products

The food industry typically ships gift packs year round. Many of Texas Foam's customers use our stock items for perishables that require shipment and storage in a thermally controlled environment. Please refer to our stock items listing for various sizes available for immediate shipment.

Another important characteristic of our thermal Polystyrene Foam coolers is that the container protects the contents from being crushed or squeezed. Your products will be safe inside a structurally sound insulated container.

We are currently offering four categories of Food Service Packaging Products. Our current categories are:
1. General Food Packaging Thermal Shippers
2. Pie, Cake, and Ice Cream Thermal Shippers
3. XDS™ Extended Duration Shippers
4. Thermal Wine Shippers

For temperature specifications and performance characteristics on Polystyrene Foam click here.


If you are interested in any of our quality products, please contact us.

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